Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Short lived bump break!!!

The support on the bump is like no other... I just cant stay away!!! I have so much fun talking with the girls and being there for them! So my bump break is over but I have promised myself to not spend every single extra minute I have on there. I wont post much in the waiting to o and 2ww to keep my sanity! My whole goal in the bump break was to destress. So I know I can destress without posting there.

Oh and Im calling a accupuncturist today to make a appt!! Im sure nervous. My insurance will pay for 4 sessions in a calendar year! Lets see if this works!!!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. I'm glad you are back! <3

    Good luck with the acupuncture! I go weekly, it does help with stress! We are obviously still working on the o thing :-)

  2. :::Hugs::: So glad you're back to bumping!!! Good luck with the accupunture appointment - I hope it helps you!!! I'm looking forward to hearing about it. :)

  3. Im very nervous. My appt is tmrw! Yikes. Will post on the blog my experience. ((hugs back to you guys)) Yall rock!