Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Christmas Tree is Up!!

Yay yesterday we put up the Christmas tree!!! Next year we are doing a real tree... With the cold weather it actually feels like the Holidays!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taking house off the Market

As of today we are taking our house off the market. We decided we didnt need a big house right now. So our next plan is to find some land to buy and work on paying that off and then building a house there some day. John has family that are home builders so hopefully they can help us out!! The cartoon pcture says it all. For us to buy another house we have to sell ours!

Ann visiting us from Montana

Ann came down from Montana to visit us for a few days. We enjoyed her so much. We went and watched Due date, took her to Babes chicken house, and relaxed and watched the horrible Cowboys. But I guess they are getting better. We hated to see her go and wont get to see her again til Feb. Hoping that next year we can go to Montana again!!!!


For halloween we normally go to some party and dress up. Well there were no parties to go to so we went with my family to trunk or treat at the church they go to. We had so much fun seeing the kids all dressed up. Then we went an ate at cheddars. We loved spending time with the family!!

Wedding Reception of a Coworkers

The day before halloween we went to a wedding reception of a couple that we work with. We had a great time. A few of our other coworkers were there. It was nice to see everyone dressed up and not in scrubs!!