Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Miles growing up way to fast!

Hey guys!!! Hope everyone is doing good. Had to share some really cute pictures of our little dude and give you some details about what is to come in our lives!!! So here are the pictures:

Our little man is growing way to fast! He is saying "nomma" "dada" and all other kinds of stuff. Sleep has gotten so much better but we are dealing with a double ear infection right now. He is a trooper and in that last picture his ears were bothering him but the kid still smiles so much. We are so in love with him!! Im gonna guess we will have a walker pretty soon.

On to the other news. Looks like we will be trying again sooner than later. I had gotten a IUD a few months ago but when Miles is 10 months I will be getting it out. At one year we will start trying again or just not preventing!!! Im trying to go into this without any stress and whatever happens happens!!! No meds I hope! Im going back to school and would like to have one more kid and be done so I can get my bachelors degree and then on to graduate school to be a Nurse Practitioner. I have a friend that has two children so we are going to do this together. We are both Respiratory Therapist so we will have to go to nursing school first. Yikes. I hope Im not signing up for more than I can chew. But I have a super supportive hubby and know I will get a ton of help going thru all of this.

Hope everyone is doing well and Im off to look at everyone's blog!

-MissyCrissy :)