Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gas Prices...

Ive been stuck in the house for pretty much a week in a half and decided to get out and go watch my softball team play our game. As Im driving home I notice that gas here is 3.17 a gallon. What the hell?? Before my ankles got hurt it was 2.89. The cost of living just keeps going up and up. I really wished they would put a cap on how much a gas station can charge for gas. $5.00 gallon. Just a vent! Thanks for reading...



  1. I had to pay $3.45 (I have to use the middle grade gas) the other day and that was BEFORE it went up! It is SO ridiculous. I'll be walking to work soon, lol.

  2. I wished I could walk to work but live to far. Im going to have to buy a different vehicle if this keeps happening.

  3. Yeah, it is frustrating. I used to think the same thing, about the price cap. Then I took an economics class, and it turns out, that would just lead to a gas shortage, like in the 70s. It stinks. :-(