Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love vs Hate about being a Respiratory Therapist

My best friend post buddy MrsJt09 is considering going to respiratory school and wanted me to list my love and hates of my job. So I decided to post it here as well:

I will start with love because there really isnt much hate about it.


-It makes you feel good that you can help someone

-You save lives

-You are probably smarter than alot of nurses and doctors

-You have the best critical thinking skills in the whole hospital

-It makes you realize how short life is and makes you grow and appreciate life alot more

-I love the team work that you the nurse and doctor do to make a person better

-In a code situation(someone dying on us) you, nurse, and doctor are the most important

-If you are a people person this is the place for you

-Your not stuck with two patients all day and give tons of meds like nurses.

-You and the nurse are the only people in the hospital who give medications

-Working at a hospital for a long time that becomes your second family

-Love only working 3 days a week. Very easy to plan a vacation

-I get to wear scrubs and its like wearing pajamas to work


-Dealing with different personalities in the workforce which is the same everywhere

-People thinking the only thing I do is check oxygen levels

-Sometimes looked down upon from nurses and doctors

-We dont close for bad weather

-Sometimes limited on what we can do to help a patient

-Death but I think over time this gets easier

-Dealing with the family is by far the hardest part for me. You will cry from time to time its normal

-MissyCrissy :)