Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Acupuncture Appt......

Oh my I cant even begin to explain how nervous I was. So I muster up the courage to go in. First off when I called the lady I could hardly understand here. I think that is what scared me the most. Then feeling a bunch of needles sticking in me. I told her why I was there and she took be back to her room.

She made me sit down and felt my pulse on both wrist. She said oh you have a kidney deficiency. She told me she wanted me to start taking my temperature in the morning when I wake up I told her I did. Thanks to Fertility Friend and my Evo I showed her my charts. She said from my chart she can tell why I have hot flashes and how the kidneys are affecting me from getting pregnant. I told her that I do get sharp pains after drinking a soda when I take a deep breath in so this was interesting to me. I didnt tell her about those pains til after she told me that. She wanted me to go in depth alittle bit on my stress and what it is that upsets me. I could go on for days about this. She looked at my tongue. All that looked good.

Then she gave me a gown and told me to keep my panties on and remove everything else. She came back in and made me lay on my stomach. She began feeling my back to see where I carry my stress. She noticied I carry it in my middle back and around my shoulder blades. She said I have alot of stress there that she could not rub out. So she left and came back and did some suction cup thing on me that almost made me cry. Its called cupping. This is why it almost made me cry:

Sorry if this too much picture for you. But I had to show it plus I didnt realize I was that red til John took the picture and showed me. But after that was done she began putting the needles in my back, neck, and lower back. They really didnt hurt at all maybe a sting here and there. Then she left me alone with a breathing cd to listen too. Pretty much telling me to inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

After about 30 mins she came back and took out those needles. She made me turn over and put needles on my face, arms, ovary area, feet, and legs. The legs hurt not sure why but they did. She picked up my legs and started moving them back and forth. Man this stuff is crazy. She made me hold something in my hand she said was enzymes. She left me again for 25 mins to the breathing CD. Made me to some resistant test.

She told me I hold alot of emotion in and I had alot of stress. She told me no raw veggies for a while and I need to drink this herbal tea. So I took home tea. Havent tried it but we will see. I do feel less stressed. I feel very calm... I go again Tuesday!


  1. wow! I can't believe the redness! I hope it doesn't hurt!

  2. Wow!!!! Sounds like your appointment went well. I hope your back is less painful today, just looking at it makes me say OW! How often are going to see her? FX that this helps you :)