Friday, May 13, 2011

Way to much time on my hands.....

So DH works nights at the same hospital and department as I do and I work days. There are times where we give each other report of the patients I had for the day. I try to stay all busy and no play and he likes to give me the sexy eyes or try to kiss me. I get so embarrassed because I want to be professional.

We work 12 hours shifts and most of the time they are in a row. So John worked thurs, fri, and sat this week. I start to get pretty lonely after the 2nd night... I start to feel like Im not married and I just talk to this hot guy on the phone for 30 mins at night at the max.

I truly cant wait for the day he gets to work days with me. Our department has a waiting list to go on days and the guy at the top has been on there for 4 years. So sad.... With that wait our family will hopefully be complete by the time he gets to days!

We look forward to the day we get to retire and get to spend ever day with each other. Truly believe that missing your man makes the heart grow fonder. We look forward to this so much!!!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. That would be so hard, I couldn't imagine having opposite schedules.

  2. It is hard... I have my good days and bad days when we dont see each other for four days. But my dogs sure do love it. Someone is home all the time!