Sunday, May 1, 2011


Im doing everything I can to keep myself together this morning. Im so angry at myself for getting myself excited about those faint positives. This next cycle I will test out the hcg from day one. This cycle has pulled on every heart string I have. I truly thought and had a deep down feeling this was it. And here I am typing this...

I was told Friday by one of my managers at work that I have changed from a bubbly go with the flow type a person to a snippy fast to react person. If she truly knew what it was like to live in my shoes for a day I think she would understand. But after that comment it made me realize that this process has changed me into someone that I dont like. So Im going to start working on this and get back to the Crissy that everyone IRL knows and loves. I just think month after month cycle after cycle I just start to get angrier not sad anymore.

I go to the RE tommorrow at 10 am and get that plan for next cycle. This period is going to be awful and so not looking forward to this with arriving. But what can you do....

I want to thank each of you for posting on my blog and giving me the support that a girl needs. You guys rock!! <3 you guys!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. I am sorry ((hugs)) I had a BFN this morning too. I hope next cycle is yours!!

  2. Me too Mrs. B! Lets do this dang thing!

  3. Crissy I'm not uncrossing my fingers and toes for you til you get that BFP, whenever that may be. I hope it's next time around though! (((Big hugs)))

  4. ((hugs)) I can't wait for our dinner date this week! I hope your and your RE come up with a plan you're comfortable with for next cycle.

  5. I am so sorry Crissy. Lots of ((hugs)). I am here if you need me <3

  6. Squish- Thank you doll!! You are the sweetest!

    Slick-So excited about our dinner date!! We will have so much fun! So ready to find out what the RE wants to do.