Monday, May 16, 2011


Went in for my CD 12 U/S to see if Im responding to my second round of 50mg of clomid and I had a dominant 13mm follicle on my left. I really thought it would be my right side this time but my body like to trick me. Im waiting for the call back but the U/S tech said I probably will come back on friday and hopefully trigger that night. I hope she is right! Grow little follie grow!!!! Got the call back and I will be going back on Thursday!

On a side note I have to get this off my chest because that is what blogs are for! So about 6 months ago a girl that is a nurse at our hospital came up to my husband and said you guys will find out your pregnant around the holidays. She said she just had this weird feeling that was it. So I kind of held on to that alittle bit for a while during the holidays and of course she was wrong. So I was talking to her today and we talked about the Cheri 22 psychic and I told her what she said. I told her she said we could either conceive/find out/or give birth in Jan. I said well that has long past. She said well 6 months is right around the corner I bet it happens then. I said oh no I dont want to wait another 6 months. That would be awful. In the back of my mind Im thinking well looks like it will be a IUI or IVF baby because by then I will be on to some other protocol as far as clomid and so forth goes.

After her telling me that gave me a huge pit in my stomach thinking its going to be like that. Why do we hold on to everything people say sometimes. That little bit of hope just gets you. So Im doing everything I can to not think about the conversation anymore and thats why Im putting down on my blog....

Thank you blog for giving me peace!!!!!!!!!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. <--ur sock sista here! Crissy don't EVEN give pause to that QUACK Cherri...not worth it..don't stress hun! :)