Thursday, May 12, 2011

My heart has been melted....

A dear friend of mine that tried to get pregnant for 4 years finally got pregnant and carried all the way up to 36 weeks and lost her baby to stillbirth back in October. A few months ago I found out she was pregnant again. I was and I am so over the moon happy for her!! So ready for her to have that take home baby she has always dreamed of...

So today Im at work and I get this message from her: "Wanted to say Im thinking about you! Ive been there and know how frustrating it is. Hang in there! You WILL get your little miracle!!"

I almost started crying and then realized Im at work. I replied telling her how much I appreciated those words and her thoughts. Sweet messages like that to someone going thru this makes a world of difference!!! I will forever cherish that comment and cant wait to see her again to give her hugs!!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Wow, she sounds like an incredible woman! (I'm one of your followers from TB.)

  2. I recognize you!! She is a wonderful lady!! Im very lucky to have her in my life!!!