Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sock Exchange....

For the most part all of the ladies that follow me on my blog are from the bump! So 3T did a sock exchange and I have to say it really helped lift my spirits. One of the ladies organized it and got everyone to PM her there address and she randomly picked who sends who socks. It was all a surprise!!

Lovin Life and I were late to the party and didnt get in on the first exchange so we messaged each other and sent socks to each other. Here are my so very cute socks:

PS:The wizard card and the drawing on the receipt was not done by my sock sista. Im guessing the company placed it. So Im officially calling the wizard my mascot!!! Come on wizard bring me luck! Turn my body into a baby making fool!

I got on board with the 2nd sock exchange and set out some cute socks to another bumpie! Cant wait for her to get them!!! I truly feel this was a wonderful idea and cant wait for the next exchange!!!

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  1. woot woot!! they looks super cute on! that card is TOO funny lol....oh geeze.