Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stressed alittle......

Hope everyone is having a great week! Well I filled my prescriptions yesterday for the clomid and doxycyline(for the hsg). The clomid was covered by my insurance and was only $19!!! But I got a call from my insurance and the Ovidrel trigger shot was not covered. They have to overnight the meds to me and it will cost $90.

Im kind of freaking out about money stuff right now because we have to pay $1475.00 in taxes on the 18th. Now wishing I would have paid half now and half later but what can you do. All this traveling that we are doing has drained our acct alittle bit. Every single time I go to my RE's office I have to pay a $50 copay.

So my plan is after we get back from North Carolina Im going to work like a freak train. Picking up extra here and there. I need to have a garage sale but dont have a clue when I have time for that. Really wished I wasnt dealing with all this stress right now.. But I guess this is life.

Thanks for listening!! So happy to be able to blog and get this stuff off my chest!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Hope everything starts looking up for you! We are in a similar boat with the money, and have have to buy a new car. Yippee. I guess things do get worse before they get better ;]

  2. Sorry to hear of your woes this week. I hope things start getting better in the form of a BFP after all of this :)

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Really appreciate it! Dlast I think your right it gets worse before it gets better.