Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pep talk with the ovaries...

I went in for my follie check this am and I have one follicle measuring 18mm on my left side. She said there might be another one on that side but didnt tell me the measurement of that one. She was really surprised to see me respond that well at cd 12. They like the follicle to be 20mm before you trigger. My lining was 8.7 and she said that was really good too....

So they are suppose to call me to either come back in tomorrow or Saturday. Go left ovary!! Will you please please do what you are suppose to so I can get this show on the road!! Really surprised it was my left ovary that worked. I always feel ovulation on my right side but never my left.

Its crazy sitting in that room by yourself waiting for the ultrasound tech to come on. Your mind is running thinking about everything that could go wrong. Im sitting there half naked begging my ovaries and the lining of my uterus to be up to par! So thank you so much body for being there for me when I needed you!!! Because you know you have been slacking the last 8 months!!

Ps. Just got a called from the RE Im going back tmrw to check follie size! Oh man Im nervous!

-MissyCrissy )