Thursday, April 21, 2011

And why did I not temp this cycle?

I keep asking myself this question everyday. The thought of not knowing my temps is driving me bonkers definately during the infamous 2ww. I wished I could go to sleep and wake up next Friday or Saturday and know if Im KU or not.

Im so happy for the latest band of BFP's. Some great girls are going to be awesome December mommies!! Big huge congrats to one of my BFPB's mrsJT09/ Betty!!! Im so overly happy for this sweet lady! We talk almost every single day and have developed a great friendship! Not sure what I would do without her. So happy for her to move on to first tri and Dec Boards! Now I have a cheerleader cheering me on all the way!!! Hoping that some how some way I can go see her and meet her! Im a happy girl!!

Another person I have to give a huge thanks to is tmsetzer83/Tiff! We first started talking because we both were dealing with long cycles and it was dang frustrating. Someone to talk to about stuff and totally understand is awesome. There was a possibility we were going to start clomid around the same time so it was perfect. Now we talk almost everyday by text! She is one amazing person and so happy to have her in my life. I can text her my worries, side effects, etc and she is there for me!!!

Last but not least smltowngirl!! I love this girl! I seriously think she is me but with blonde hair! She is wicked awesome and a great friend! I hope she gets KU on her next IVF cycle! Im her cheerleader all the way!

So my whole point in explaining these three wonderful ladies is with out these girls I think I would not have any hair on my head left after a 2ww without them. Love you guys! <3

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Aww thanks lady! <3 I feel the same way about you!

    Just wanted to say.. I caved and temped this morning.. lol.. I know what my usual pre-o temps are- the 96 range.. and I never get up over 97.2.. this morning- 97.58! I'm getting ready to leave for my u/s check to make sure I ovulated as I type this! Happy Easter! xoxoxo

    1. You realize Tiffany Setzer (aka tmsetzer83)is nothing but a liar. She has no fertility issues. She is just a lying, cheating, husband stealing, family wrecking bitch that preys on poor unsuspecting people like yourself. She has no fertility issues and probably never has it is all a lie. Never let her near your family. The better she knows your family the more likely she is to rip it apart.

  2. Ive been temping too and will update fertility friend soon. I just could not stand not know what was going on! Good luck lady! Hope this is it for us!!