Monday, April 25, 2011

So upset....

This is going to be a vent. So sorry if this sounds whiney or annoying. But Im so tired of my body. I just dont get it. Why do alot of women end up pregnant without having to take anything and then there are women that have to jump thru ever single hoop possible to final get a baby?

I go this morning to get my 7 dpo progesterone checked and got the call that of course it was low. It was only one point away from being normal. For a medicated cycle they like 15 mine was 14. So I had to start prometerium again today. I have to say my bubble really got popped today. I had this feeling deep down that this was it for us. But not anymore. I started spotting yesterday and wasnt sure what it could be. Well Im going to take a guess that it was the low progesterone.

Im truly thankful for the medication but absolutely hate taking it. It makes me feel so unsexy and makes me not want to make love to my husband. Wearing a panty liner is not so fun either.

My heart goes out to all those ladies that have to go thru alot more than I do. You truly are brave and strong women. I havent been trying as long as them but I can sympathize with those ladies with wanting something so bad and your body not working. I yearn to hold my own child and give it unconditional love. Its a huge void in my life and Im so ready for our turn. I catch my husband looking at kids in restuarants and I can see in his eyes that he wants and feels the same way. 

If I had super powers I would so give every single women that was battling with infertilty the baby of there dreams.......

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Aw, sweets. I am so sorry :(

  2. Sending you big hugs today lady!! xoxo

  3. Don't count yourself out yet! My progesterone was only 8.7 and I was already using progesterone supps. I also had some spotting at 9&10 dpo.

    I am rooting for you!


  4. Thank you guys so much! It truly helps when I know Ive got people rooting for me. Repen thanks for letting me know this. Im happy that I know that low progesterone is what could be the reason for not being KU yet and PCOS. Love you guys!! Again Thanks!

  5. I'm so sorry, Missy. I hope you get your wish very soon!! (CarolinaGirl)

  6. Angela thank you so much. So happy to see you posting again on TTGP board. Best of luck to you! xoxo