Friday, April 1, 2011

Last of Prometrium.... and a Vent!

Last night was my last pill and Im oh so happy... Now I just have my fingers crossed that I start before I go out of town on Thursday! I need to get b/w and a ultrasound on CD 3! Then the fun of Clomid.

I also wanted to note that I heart my BFPB's. When Im down they pick me up. They know what Im going thru and understand. They know exactly what to say to make me smile! Have no clue how I got so lucky to run into these girls!!!

I miss posting on the bump. I havent had hardly anytime to do much other than work. I moved over to 3T and the ladies there are so wonderful. I miss TTGP board though so I decided Im going to still post there to but not as much as I was....

Im so mad right now because I did this really hard course at work for my job and bombed the test. I have the worst test anxiety ever I swear. I knew a bit of the information and got a dang 58 on it. Thank goodness some of the other Respiratory Therapist that were there with me didnt pass either so we can drown in our sorrows together. It was the hardest test I think Ive ever taken. It was just way to much info for two days. Ok vent over.

Man I feel better!!!

-MissyCrissy :)