Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Check In: 12 weeks

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
12 Weeks!! Baby is the size of plum!

 Maternity clothes?

Bought my first par of pants from Old Navy and a couple shirts. The pants Im going to save for when it gets cooler. The belly part is way big. Got a gift card to Destination Maternity and cant wait to go there.


Sleep is sleep. Im telling you my dogs are training me good.

Best moment this week?

Being able to find the heartbeat pretty fast now on the doppler!! Starting to show just alittle!!!

Food cravings:

Really not having that many cravings anymore. Nothing sounds good except Chick-fil-a! Oh and I  just found out they are putting one in the hospital we work at. Im going to be broke.


7 weeks and counting down!! Im having the NT scan next Thursday and they will probably try to predict it with a percentage. But dont go buy anything til the anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks!

Belly button in or out?



No movement.

What I miss?

Sneezing and it not hurting. I get Round Liagment Pain when I sneeze. A very interesting feeling. 

What I'm looking forward to:

Getting out of First Trimester and seeing my belly grow and feeling baby move! 


Making it to 12 weeks!! Every once in awhile I will be sitting there and be like holy cow Im really pregnant!!!

Here is my 12 week pics:(bad hair day)

My friend gave me stickers to place on my belly that say the week Im in. The front picture is not cute right now so I will share that once Im bigger!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Aww look at that cute lil belly/pregnancy bloat haha! I'm looking forward to following along with your pregnancy! And, I think I missed your announcement on TTGP, so CONGRATS!
    (this is Lacey0482, btw!)

  2. Lacey thanks so much!!! Hope you are doing good!!