Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Check-In: 10 Weeks!!!

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
 10 Weeks 1 day!!!!

Maternity clothes?

 I did go buy a few shirts and Im wearing them out of pure comfort!


Sleeping good but things are starting to fall asleep now. So that wakes me up. And the peeing thing. It doesnt matter if I drink nothing before bed I still have to wake up.

Best moment this week?

Getting to see our little gummy bear again! I had a spotting issue that scared the crap out of me and had me worried. But all was good!!

Food cravings:

Steak fingers again!!!!


Not yet but I redid the chinese gender chart and it says boy. John is starting to think its a girl too.

Belly button in or out?



No movement.

What I miss?

Have forgotten what it's like to not be nauseous everyday. Im ready for that to disappear. It totally sets the mood for the day.

What I'm looking forward to:

At the next appt August 10th we will get to hear the heartbeat from there doppler. But the biggest thing Im looking forward too is my belly growing and reaching 18 weeks to know what we are having!!!


Having only two-four weeks and Im out of first tri and moving on to second tri. I feel like this journey goes by really fast. We are doing everything we can to enjoy every single moment of this. Here is a recent picture of our little gummy bear:

-MissyCrissy :)

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