Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Checkin: 8 Weeks!!!

 Weekly Check-In

How far along?
 8 Weeks!!!!

  Maternity clothes?

Not yet but I did go try some on at Kohl's the other day. Man they are so comfortable!


Still sleeping pretty good! Im waking up now in the middle of the night to go pee.

Best moment this week?

Getting to go see my ob/gyn instead of the RE! He is so awesome and happy I didnt change doctors! And getting to see the baby again!!!

Food cravings:

Not really having cravings as bad as I was!


No gender yet. But I had a dream yesteday it was a girl!!!

Belly button in or out?



  No movement.

  What I miss?

My energy! All I want to do is sleep! I use to come home after work and bust out a workout. Not anymore I come home and get ready for bed. Hoping this gets better once Im in the second trimester.

What I'm looking forward to:

We go back July 13th to see our little lovebug again. I think my OB wants to take extra special care of me so he wanted to give me one more u/s til later on. John was unable to go to the last u/s so Im very happy he can go to this one!!


Making to 8 weeks period.... Here is a pic of my very small bump and our little baby!

-MissyCrissy :)