Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Wonderful 30th Birthday....

Sunday was my 30th birthday but I felt like the whole weekend was my birthday. Saturday we had some of my friends over for hamburgers and hot dogs!!! We had a blast!!! John couldnt wait to give me my presents so I got to open them that night!!! All I have to say is Im rotten! He really knows how to listen to things I need or want.

I got an awesome pregnancy pillow that is so dang comfortable, a new camera, stuff for making my letters, storage bin for the letters/supplies, panties, and stuff to learn how to crochet! Sunday was my actual bday and we went an ate breakfast at this awesome place in our town called "Taste of Home"!! It was yummy! Then we met my mom and step dad for fried catfish at this place called Doe Belly's. Holy Cow was that fish good. Was happy to find out they are putting one in a town closer to us. We will for sure be going back!!! Then we went to a Rough Riders game with a good friend of mine. It was hot but had a wonderful time!!

Before going to the Rough Riders games we stopped at Dick's sporting good and bought me a Kayak!!! John has been trying to talk me into buying one for a month. He just got one and we were thinking I could fit in his with him. Then we started thinking about getting in and out of the water like that and we would of fallen in the water for sure! So here is my kayak(pretty and green) and his kayak with our dog Emma in it:

Again it was super hot here in Texas temps in the 100's but man kayaking is fun. Just have to stay away from snakes!!!!

Monday we went to John's parents for more hamburgers and hot dogs. I think Im so over hamburgers right now that if I see another one I might throw up. After the hamburgers we went and saw the best fireworks show ever!! We were so close to them you could feel the bang in your chest!! I will never forget this Bday!! Thanks to all my husband, friends and family that made it a special one!!!!

-MissyCrissy :)