Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Check-In: 13 Weeks!!!

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
13 Weeks 4 days!! Baby is the size of a peach!

Maternity clothes?

My belly has started growing a few days ago. So I think in the next few weeks I will need maternity shorts. We are going to Montana in 30 something days and its chilly up there. Off to Destination Maternity I need to go!!!


Sleep is ok. Still getting up to pee and my hands fall asleep even if Im not laying on them. Its weird! 

Best moment this week?

Seeing baby M on the NT scan we did!! Its so amazing how in 3 short weeks its gone from a blob to looking like a baby!!!

Food cravings:

Starting to crave cereal I havent had this much cereal in my pantry in years!!!


The doctor took an educated guess at 80% that it was a boy!!! So Sept 15th we will know for sure!!

Belly button in or out?



No movement.

What I miss?

My endurance level during running. Wow Im totally out of running shape right now. But its worth it!

What I'm looking forward to:

Being in the 2nd Trimester and enjoying every minute of it! Cant wait til I can feel the baby move. Got news from the doctor during our NT scan that I wont feel baby move as soon as others because I have extra cushion on the anterior part of my placenta. Not to upset about that it will make it that much more special when it does happen!


Seeing our baby move on the NT scan definatley when I laughed or when she giggled my belly! My next milestone Im going for is the A/S Sept 15th!

At the NT scan they recored the u/s and I wanted to share that with you guys!!


-MissyCrissy :)


  1. That video is so cool! I can't believe you are in the 2nd trimester already :)

  2. Thanks girlie! I know time is flying by for sure! Hope you are doing good!! Miss ya!