Monday, June 20, 2011

R.I.P. John's Uncle

My husband's uncle was over at a friends house on Wednesday drinking a alcholic beverage and slumped over in the chair and became unresponsive. They rushed him to a near by hospital and pronounced him dead on arrival. He was a very sweet man and he will be dearly missed.

We are all still in shock and today is his funeral and I guess this will seal the deal. Im constantly keeping his 3 daugthers, wife, and grandchildren in my prayers. Knowing what it feels like to lose someone close like that hurts so much. I cant wait to see them and give them the biggest hug I can.

So this post is for you Bill! Your family and friends love you so very much. You are and will be missed forever. May you rest in peace.

I had to add that John's uncle was really good friends with George Bush Jr. They went to college together. After the funeral he was at John's Aunts house. It was so amazing to meet him. He was talking to John's aunt about wanting grandkids and we hadn't told his Aunt yet we were pregnant. So John said to his Aunt your brother is going to be a grandfather!! She was so happy and so was George. He gave me and my MIL knuckles. It was too funny! He told us Congrats! Wow what a story to tell my kid one day! Plus he got John's number and they might go mountain biking together. So crazy!!!
-MissyCrissy :)