Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the symptoms kick in....

I have to say first and foremost Im so happy to finally have real symptoms and not phantom symptoms. For 10 months I questioned myself ever 2 week wait if it was a symptom or not. Update on the spotting: It finally has stopped. Im so happy about that. I never thought I would get implantation spotting but I did. I thought it was pretty rare well I guess Im in that 20%. I can relax alittle bit I guess.

I still wake up in the mornings and wonder if Im still pregnant or not. Its so weird. I still have a few cheap pregnancy test that I have used just to reassure myself that everything is ok. Cant wait til June 22nd!!! I went to get pedicures and eat lunch with my best friend today and she told me you will never stop worrying even after you have them. Oh boy Im in store for a ride.... I loved all the tips and advice she has for me. Im like a open book and want to learn so much!!!

John and I decided this past week after us finding out we are pregnant that we are going to try and put the house back on the market and sell it. I talked to our realtor and she said this is the best time to sell and your house is too cute. So please for the love of goodness give me the patient, strength, and the want to keep this house is tip top shape every single day. We figured it would be easier to sell this house when its just us then wait the 2 years we had inital talked about have a almost 2 year old and trying for #2. So as of yesterday we knocked down our fence so we could put up a new one that will look so much better and appeal to buyers!!

Wish us luck!!

Thanks for reading this long post!! Hope everyone is doing wonderful!



  1. My computer has been broken and I must have missed your BFP on TTGP! Congrats!!