Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beta's are in!!!!!!

Went this morning at 10am to get my blood drawn at the RE's office to check the beta levels. I swear that office is way to busy. She hardly had any time to talk to me and address my concerns about me spotting still. She at first said it could be good or bad. I told it was brown and she said thats good its old blood.

So I had to wait til after 2 pm to get the call about the beta and they didnt call til 3. Talking about one nervous lady.... Well it was 181!!!!!! She stated that Im way pregnant and to come back on Friday!!! I talked to the actual nurse and she said as long it stays brown and doesnt turn red with severe cramping Im in the clear!

Im still in total shock and getting that number really helped me realize that this is it!!! Cant wait til we get to hear the heartbeat and stuff!!! My husband has been walking around for the last few days with this huge smile on his face!

Im so ready for some other TTGP/3T girls join me soon!! Praying for you all!!

-MissyCrissy :)