Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update on me....

Just got back from my trip to California and going to the Price is Right!! It was so fun but dont think I will be going back there. I went to the RE yesterday to make sure I actually ovulated and if not to start Provera or Prometerium.

They did an ultrasound and it really didnt show much other than the sonographer saying yes you definately have PCOS. Ok thanks... She said there was a possibilty that I did O because of my lining. She showed the films to the doctor and he told me to take Prometerium for 10 days vaginally. Yuck.. Its like taking stuff for a yeast infection. They drew blood to check my progesterone and a blood pregnancy test. Of course the pregnancy test came back negative and my progesterone was 3.5. At 6 dpo it should be around 15. Never got a clear answer on if I really ovulated. Guess I will never know.

I stopped temping from this point forward because the Prometerium just messes with your temps and Im just going to let the doctor do the monitoring. I left the office yesterday confused, frustrated, sad, and happy all at the same time. All of these emotions feels like a huge roller coaster. Im thankful for my rock John but he can only help me so much you know. So I reached out to some dear friends that I have grown such a great relationship with from the Bump! I heart you guys and so appreciate your support and shoulders thru all of this!!

So plan of action is start my period in hopefully 12 days or so. Clomid cd3-7 with b/w/ultrasound on cd 3, HSG cd7-10, and another ultrasound at cd 12-13 to check for follies. Oh please Oh please let this work!

-MissyCrissy :)

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  1. Good luck with your next cycle! I hope it works too :)