Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions Today.....

Today has been an emotional day. I was sitting on the couch around 10:30am and I look over at our oldest dog Aubrey and she looked up at me and was doing this weird shaking thing and her left eye was doing this rapid movement up down motion. She tried getting up and couldnt.

John had worked last night and had only been asleep for 2 hours and I had to go wake him up to help me figure out what was going on. He tried lifting her up and she couldnt stand up. He tried rolling her over to the other side than she was laying and that made her uncomfortable. The eye thing just kept going and she was leaning to the right. I called the vet that we are not to keen with but we didnt have a choice.

So we get her in the car and we drive to the vet. We get there and the receptionist was not very nice and asked what my name was and then turned to her coworker and never talked to me again. After a few minutes they took us back to a room. It took them a good 30 minutes before someone came in to talk to us. John had to carry her back to back to the scale to weigh her. There were at least 6 people in the back just standing around doing nothing.

Why make us wait 30-40 minutes to just see a vet tech if there are 6 people in the back not doing a dang thing. I have to say they were the most uncompassionate people I have ever met. Then the actual vet comes in and doesnt introduce herself or anything and has a smokers/bronchitis cough.

She listens to Aubrey and looks at her eyes and says she has had a mini stroke. We were so upset but kind of figured it since we work in a hospital we kind of know signs of strokes. We seriously thought we were going to have to make the biggest decision of our relationship to end her life today. But as we were sitting there Aubrey slowly started getting better. She started walking alittle bit and the rapid eye movement subsided. They gave us predisone and told us to keep her in a confined space for a few days.

So we took her home and she slept with John for a few hours in our room. I go to wake John up and she is standing at the door acting like nothing happened. I was so surprised to see her back to herself... So crazy. We will still keep a very close eye on her and hope that this does not happen again..

Sorry so long...

-MissyCrissy :)

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  1. How scary. I am glad she is ok now. It may be time to start looking for a vet you like and who is better in case something like this ever happens again.