Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back from the RE with good Plans!!!!!

Back from the RE with so many things going thru my head. Im nervous about the plan but know this is what needs to happen. Lots of information so I will post it here.

We went thru my history and my lab work. He was very concerned with my FSH level and was confused by the low dhea and low testosterone level. He asked if I have had any signs of menopause and I told him I get hot flashes but I thought they were just hormonal and came on before my period. He at one point during the conversation stated there is a chance he might not be able to help us if this was premature ovarian failure. But he wanted to do a ultrasound right then to even see if this was the issue.

My blood work did not show PCOS. My insulin levels were good. So we go into the ultrasound room and I get a visit from the dildocam... Ha ha! He looks and says there is no way you are going in to menopause your ovaries are huge. You could donate eggs!! He counted 15 follicles on my right ovary and 13 on the other!  The lining of my uterus was good as well. He said you need to look up what PCOS is because that is what is wrong with you.

He stated this is what has caused my long cycles and facial hair. He thinks the testosterone/fsh/dhea were a fluke and are wrong. He will redraw those labs again on CD3. Im starting clomid and hcg trigger shots next cycle. John has to get a sperm analysis and I have to do a hsg. While on clomid he wants to also do a postcoiltal test.

Lots of stuff going on soon and so hope we are not out of town when this all happens. We are very relieved to have a diagnosis and are very hopeful for a sweet baby in our arms one day!!! Im so happy we went to this doctor. He is so amazing and fit with our personality so well.


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