Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 24: A travel story

John and I are road trippers. We love getting in the car and just going. Its fun you should try it. So one fall day John and I were training for a marathon and decided we would drive down to glen rose texas to his parents land. I was like ok but dont we need to go home first and let the dogs out and change. He said no lets just go. So it took us 2 hours to get there and we had the best conversation ever.

We get to the land and pull up to the camper and went in and it smelled funny. We found a dead mouse on the counter top. So gross... He wanted to get on this four wheel drive vehicle so we could go around the land. We end up at this pond and there was something dead hanging on a tree... We still to this day dont know what that was hanging there. Then he took me to this cliff over looking the horizon.

This cliff was beautiful. There were tons of rocks and the sky was just beautiful. We sat on this huge rock next to each other. We again were talking about the two of us together and how perfect it was. Then he kissed me and asked me to marry him. Out of no where no even planned it just came out. I sad are you serious. He shook his head and I said yes!!! The best day of my life.

Then I noticed he was messing with something and he had made a ring out of grass and asked me if this would do for now... It was the most beauitful ring ever!!!

In the end that is the best travel story I will ever have!

-MissyCrissy3 :)

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