Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Poise Pad Inventor...

I would like to thank you for inventing these wonderful pads. I would not make it thru one run without you. Kegel exercises arent doing the trick. So you are my miracle worker. Its gonna take me a bit to get use to peeing the whole time Im running. Hoping this really does get better or there is gonna have to be a medical intervention soon. I googled my issues and its called stress incontinence. Great. Think I might have to buy stock in Poise pads now.

On a lighter note I did run 3 miles yesterday with ease. I walked for just a minute. So I think I can be ready for this half marathon I signed up for June 10th. Just gonna keep increasing my long runs each week. The milk jugs aka boobies have to be tied down with two sports bras and a supportive shirt. I really need to go bra shopping!!! I just have to make sure my milk supply doesnt go down. Happy Im a water freak already!!! :)

Last but not least its almost time for me to be going back to work. My official day back to work is April 29th. I really hope this last month with Miles goes super slow! We are just getting into a little routine and I so enjoy our cuddle and tummy time. Learning about this little guy has been so fun. His smile makes my heart melt. He is now giggling at you and making all kinds of little coos and ohs.. So happy he will be staying with his grandpa John's dad in the morning time while John gets some sleep and then John will take him home. So no daycare!!! Gotta love working opposite shifts.

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. I'm 31 and have 2 kids and also have stress incontinence. If Poise Pads are doing the trick, great. One suggestion is that if you start doing longer runs or they aren't quite holding up is to look into the Depend undies. They pretty much disappear under a pair of Underarmour pants and can last me a half marathon. -- Melissa

  2. Melissa thank you so much for this advice. I have my marathon June 10th and might just buy these for that event or my long runs! Thank you so so much!