Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two Months Old and Easter Pics

Cant believe Miles is Two Months old already. The day he turned 2 months old he got his shots. Man that is a lot of shots for a little person. He cried of course and was super fussy the whole day. We had to give him Tylenol because he was screaming and crying because of pain. Ive only seen him cry like that in the hospital. Poor little guy and Im totally not looking forward to the shots at 4 months. Here are a few pictures of him:

 This is what he wore to his appt. Arent those shoes just to cute? John had to get them when we were at Babies R Us before Miles was born!!

 Comparison from the 1st Month to the 2nd!!

Since Miles will not remember this Easter I did not get him a basket. Might be a mom fail but I really dont want the candy around the house. I remembered that a coworker of ours gave us a Rabbit with his name embroidered on the ear. So I had fun taking pictures of him this morning. After probably 10-12 pictures I got a good one with a Smile! 

The last few pictures are ones he is either making a goofy face or not turned the right way:

Lastly I have to share this one picture from yesterday. John put Miles in the Bjorn so he could water the yard and look what happened during the process:

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. That last picture is priceless :) Happy 2 months!

  2. Thanks Megan!!! I will totally use that picture against him when he gets older!

  3. Happy two month birthday Miles! He is just adorable & I can't believe how big he's already getting. They just grow up WAY too fast.

  4. Hey Crissy! Miles is so cute! Haven't the first two months went by so quickly? I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my blog post 11 Things.

  5. Hi love! Just dropping in to say he's adorable!! ((hugs))

    1. Keep tmsetzer83 (aka Tiffany Setzer Robertson) away from your family if you want to keep it together. She is a husband stealing, backstabbing, lying bitch. She doesn't have fertility issues, she has pity poor me attention issues. The better she knows your family the more likely she is to steal your husband and rip your family apart. She is an evil bitch with absolutely no conscious or feeling.

  6. Thanks guys!!! Its amazing how much they grow and you dont notice til you look at pictures. Tiffany!!!! Hey lady! Oh how Ive missed you!

    Brandy off to ready your blog now!!! Girl these two months have flown by and now Im starting to get ready to go back to work. :(

  7. He's perfect!!!! And I can't believe how much he has grown and changed already. I am sure you are loving every second of it!! Miss ya!