Monday, February 20, 2012

Update and Life at Home

Hey everyone! Thought I would post an update on our little man! We went to his 2 week appt last thursday and he is now weighing 8lbs 12 oz and has grown a half inch already. His clavicle has completely healed and has grown a callus on it. You can feel the little bump. So we decided it was ok to do his newborn pics and here is a peek that the photographer sent me:

Life at home has been really good except for the other night but I think that was because the doctor had put me on antibotic that did not agree with his body. Oh and by the way breastfeeding is so hard but has gotten so much easier. You dont realize how hard it truly is until you are actually in the moment. I remember when we first tried him on the breast and it was the most awkard thing ever. All I have to say is thank goodness for lactation consultants. They should get paid as much as a doctor if not more. She saved my sanity and nipples!!!

Ive been reading this book called Babywise and Im trying to stick to that schedule instead of demand feeding and it seems to be working really good. We still have so much to learn about this little guy that by the time we have our next we will have this down pat!!! It has been amazing journey learning this process with my husband. Oh and his stump on his belly button fell off so tummy time is a go. He is doing so good with it. For being two and half weeks old he turns his head from one way to the next.

I did find a lump on his neck and we are headed to the doc this afternoon and hoping its nothing bad. Ive tried staying away from Dr. Google but we all know that is almost impossible. So it could be swollen lymph nodes and truly hope its that and not a tumor or something. The last bit of news and I will end this post. I have signed up for a half marathon in June to get this body back in shape. I will start blogging about training with a baby. These milk jugs of mine are gonna need some major support. Ha ha ha....

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Congrats on your beautiful boy! I just read his birth story as well and I'm so glad things are looking great!

    I agree, LC's should be paid very well if they aren't already, I had a sweet, older English lady and she was a God send! Keep up the hard work on breastfeeding, soon it becomes 2nd nature once the toe-curling and screaming/throwing things across the room when they latch phase goes away :)

    I hope you'll post more of his cute newbie pics :)

  2. He's adorable!!! So happy that things are going well :) How did it go with the dr?

  3. Lacey thank you so much!!! I will post more pics for sure...

    Rhody thank you as well. The doctor thinks he has a branchial cleft cyst that will need surgery to remove. We have an appt with an ENT doc next Friday March 2nd. Once I know more I will update. Thanks for asking.

  4. What a cutie pie! I am glad to know that things are going good for you and your LO! Let me know about this running thing. I need to get into shape, too. I've been debating a 5k but am nervous about running and training while BFing. May need to double up on the sports bras. :)

  5. Brandy I will let you know how it goes. Im so ready!!! I might pump or something before I head out to run so its not to uncomfortable. I have read that you have to increase your water intake even more than you are already doing. You so should sign up for a 5k.