Friday, February 10, 2012

Miles Birth Story (Long)


On 2/1/2012 John and I headed to L&D for a scheduled induction at 39 weeks. We arrived at 9 pm and was put up in a very nice room by 10 pm. I got my first dose of cytotec by 11pm along with tylenol and an ambien to sleep. At this point I was 50% effaced and a finger tip dilated. She started my IV and we went to sleep. She woke me up Im gonna guess around 2-3am and gave me another dose of cytotec. I dont think she checked my cervix at this point but things were foggy. She came in at 4 am and I was having some contractions and she gave me a medication called stradiol. Holy cow that medication kicked me in the tail. I was so dang loopy. But good I guess. She came in the room at 6 am and said ok we are going to L&D now.  Here is a shot of my belly the night we went in the hospital:

Once we got there they did a cervical check and I was already dilated to 3 cm. I was having pretty good contractions and was just breathing thru them. I have no idea how close or how far apart they were because that medicine that the nurse gave me upstairs. My doctor came by to say hello and he would see me later!! The nurse asked if I was gonna do an epidural and I said yes. I told her I would like to wait til Im 5cm and she said she would go ahead and call the person who does it. By the time they got there I was so ready! As I was getting the epidural I felt a gush of fluid and told the nurse I either peed or my water just broke. It was my water!!!! So by 8am things were progressing pretty quickly. By 10 am I was dilated to a 7. By noon I was dilated to a 8-9 and stalled. They started pitocin on me and finally got to a 10 by 230. We started pushing by 2:50. Here are a few pictures of these moments thanks for my hubby taking them.

They had to give me oxygen because Miles heart rate would drop everytime they would do cervical checks to the 80's. I hated that mask. I give people this kind of therapy everyday at work so it was very surreal for me to be wearing it. Man it sure does dry your mouth out. Poor patients. So I pushed for 2 hours and 20 mins. As my doctor said you didnt just push for 2 hours and 2 minutes you pushed hard for the whole time. I was so determined for him to be here a 3:33 pm but I surpassed that and now it was 4:50 and he was almost here. I really didnt want to use the mirror to see down there but I had to say that helped me so much. The doctor had come in at 4:30 and threatened me with a csection. I could see his head and was so deteremined to do this vaginally after I had been pushing for so long. Well my temperature started to go up at the highest point 101. And Miles heart rate started to elevate and showing some distress in the birth canal. The nurse noticed he got a cut on his head from my pelvic bone. Poor little guy. The nurse was suppose to leave at 5 and I didnt want a new nurse. So in the middle of one of my breaks she calls someone to go pick her kid up because she was going to stay. That really touched John and I!!!! After that phone call she called my doc in because Miles was fixing to be here that was at 4:50. I pushed maybe five rounds of three and he arrived at 5:02pm with complications.

John got to cut the cord but as they were about to put him on my belly the nurse noticed he wasnt breathing at all if he was even breathing. They took him to the warmer because they hadnt even heard the first cry. In one minute the room went from 5 people to 25 people in a quick second. Again we are both respiratory therapist and know exactly what is going on. Im across the room freaking out and John is torn between him and I on who he should attend too. Here are a few pic of our little guy under the warmer.

He ended up weighing 8 lbs 1oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Come to find out Miles broke his clavicle coming out under my pelvic bone. Then while they were trying to get him to liven up and get his oxygen level up they caused his lung to collapse. I could see the pulse oximeter that they had put on him and his oxygen level was in the 70's. Its suppose to be in the 90's. They got it up enough to transport him to the NICU but let me kiss him real quick before they took him away from me.

John had to leave me to go to the NICU with him. All I have to say is Im happy I did not take that initial trip up there because I was already a basket case. What is crazy is John and I work at this hospital and people that were working on Miles knew us or work with us. I told them thank you so much for taking care of him and knew if he was a different hospital (smaller) things would be different. Once he got to the NICU they placed him on a cpap machine because his oxygenation status was not good. The had to put a oral gastric tube down his belly to get air out of his belly and all other kinds of stuff that I probably didnt need to see.

My poor husband was a champ. He held up strong thru all this for me and for that Im truly blessed. Miles stayed on cpap for probably 10 hours and was off cpap by the time we saw him the next morning at 4 am. We couldnt sleep so after I pumped we walked the milk up to the NICU. Here he is without all the contrapments on his poor face.

At this visit they asked me if I wanted to hold him since I havent got to hold him yet. My heart melted. This seriously made my night and needed this so bad. I held him so tight and didnt want to let him go.

This has gotten way to long but all in all he spent two days in the NICU and two days in the special care nursery. His broken collar bone is healing every single day and we are pretty much treating him like a newborn without any problems. The collapsed lung resolved on its on without a chest tube. Thank goodness. We have been home for a few days and went to his first pediatrician appointment and he is a perfect baby!!!!! If you made it thru all of this you get a cookie. I will finish this on a good note with a few cute pictures of him:

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. Wow, what a crazy birth experience! So glad he's safe and healthy, though. He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, lady!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I'm in tears! I'm so thankful everything is ok and that you're both doing well. Congrats-he is beautiful just like is mama :)

  3. Wow! Good job momma :) I am so glad he is doing well and both of you are healthy and home! He is adorable.

  4. This makes me so happy. Congratulations momma! I'm so thankful that he only had to be in the NICU for a couple days, and that you're both doing well now. :)

  5. Thank you guys so much! We are so in love with him and truly blessed he is alright!

  6. He's perfect! Glad to hear that the little man is doing well after all of that & that you have him home safe & sound. Congratulations Momma!

  7. He's absolutely adorable!! What a scary thing to go through but so glad everyone is doing well now :-)

  8. Thanks you two! It was scary but he is one healthy baby now!!