Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Check-In 34 Weeks!!!!!

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
On thursday this week I can officially say I have 35 days and Im 35 weeks pregnant. Promise to put a picture up this week. The belly has grown so much. Torpedo looking!!

Maternity clothes?

Yes!!! Went and bought some nursing bras and nursing tops the other day. The nursing top is super comfortable!!

Well sleep has now been hit or miss. Im having nasal congestion issues since Christmas that wont go away. Not being able to breathe is not so fun.

Best moment this week?
My BFPB had her baby 12/28. Almost on John's Birthday!! She so thought she was having a boy and to her surprise it was a girl. She is just adorable and pretty as ever! So happy for her.

Another great moment was John got a Baby Bjorn for his birthday from his dad and we tested it on our cocker spaniel. Here is a picture of a very cooperating Dirk:

Oh and we went and bought our stroller and carseat and had to make sure it was baby ready:

Food cravings:

My sweet tooth is really starting to kick in... Happy all the holiday temptations are over! 


Miles Jackson

Belly button in or out?

It is so close to being even. Never thought I would see the end of my belly button.


Yes a lot! He is getting so strong in there! He has one foot that stays in one spot on my belly and we like to rub it!!

What I miss?

Getting out of bed easy. Its a serious to do getting out of bed. 

What I'm looking forward to:

Meeting this little guy! Hurry up February!!

Getting to 36 weeks and getting checked to see if I'm making in progress. I'm having a lot of braxton hicks so my uterus is practicing!!!

-MissyCrissy :)


  1. I was laughing so hard at John and Dirk :) February is just around the corner! So excited for you!

  2. They are a mess I tell you!! I laugh so hard when they do this stuff!!! Thanks girlie. Im super excited for you too and hope everything is going good with you!