Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Check-In: 31-33 Weeks!

Weekly Check-In

How far along?
Man time is flying by so dang fast! Watching the little guy in the right hand corner makes each day even more real that this little guy will be here very soon. So as of today Im 32 weeks 4 days!

Maternity clothes?

Yes!!! And John's pajama pants, boxers, work shirts, and tshirts.

Im getting pretty good sleep. Miles still lets me sleep at night and really doesnt wake me up moving to much. It's our boxer Emma that wakes me up the most. I get up to go pee at least once every night. Its a given.

Best moment this week?

Knowing that one of my friends from the Bump might be going into labor any day now. Im so very excited for her!!!! Love ya MrsJT09!

I went to the doctor this past Friday and the doctor measured my belly and it is measuring 3 weeks ahead of my due date. The doctor told me we will be having a big baby!!! We will do a growth ultrasound at 37-38 weeks if I hadnt gone into labor yet and go from there. I told him I would like to be induced on my due date at all possible. So I guess we will see what happens!!

Here is a recent picture of my ever growing belly:

And one from our 3d/4d  Ultrasound: 

Food cravings:

Well Im back to the dang steak fingers and mac & cheese. Oh and since this week is Christmas Im really looking forward to cornbread dressing!!!


Miles Jackson

Belly button in or out?

Still in...


Miles is one active little guy!

What I miss?

Enjoying getting all dressed up and going somewhere. Me and clothes are not friends.

What I'm looking forward to:

Meeting this little guy! Hurry up February!!


Putting in my request for 3 months off with this little guy. John is taking off for a month as well. So happy he will be there with me. 

-MissyCrissy :)