Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Started on the Guitars for the wall!!!

John really wanted to do some woodwork in the room so here is the beginning stages of the guitars. He cut out the guitars using some kind of wood that is pretty much saw dust glued together. Cant remember the name of it. Thanks pregnancy brain!!! He needed a belt sander to sand the sides of the guitar that we got a steal on at a local pawn shop by our house! Here is them cut without paint:

Im totally impressed with his wood working talents! Happy that he could do something in the room that he would be proud of! We went to Home Depot yesterday and took the blanket I bought off  Etsy as my inspiration blanket and matched the green and the charcoal color on the groovy guitar material. Here is the beginning part of our painting project:

He is going to make holes in the middle of the guitars and put wood behind it and paint the middle. Cant wait for the end result of it and see what it looks like on the wall!! It will look so good! More pictures to come once it is up on the wall.

-MissyCrissy :)