Friday, September 17, 2010

Montana Vacation!!!

Last Thursday we got up at 330 to get on a plane at 6:05am to head to the beautiful country of Montana. John's mother and step dad moved up there 3 weeks before we came. We were so stoked about going up there to see there long lifetime dream of living up there. What an amazing place it was... Everywhere you looked it was a perfect picture for a postcard. We can see why Ann and Mike love it there. There house is super cute!! They have the most amazing scenary from there living room and kitchen. They even get bears coming up to there patio. On top of spending time doing tourist stuff John and I ran the Two Bear Marathon Sunday the 12th. Let me tell you that was the hardest marathon John and I both have ever or will ever do. Fourteen miles of the marathon were trail and the rest was asphalt with lots of hills. There were times I thought I would break my ankle or fall on my butt. There were some seriously steep inclines and declines. John finished the marathon in 4hrs 19mins and I finished mine in 5 hrs 19mins. John met me at 25 miles and ran the last part with me. Thats love right there!! Im one lucky lady! So happy we can enjoy these experiences together. He is my rock!!! We are both looking forward to going back! We did not want to leave and wish everyday we were still there!!

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